Section 2 – Job description

Please review and print out the appropriate job description for the position to which you are applying. Click here for the RN job description. Click here for the LPN job description. When you have finished reading the position description, complete Section 2 below and click Continue to proceed to the Nursing Skills Self-Assessment

Statement of Employee Physical Ability

Your Name
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I understand that I am being considered for hire for a private duty nursing position by Professional Healthcare, Inc.
The position has the following requirements:

  • Visual / hearing ability sufficient to comprehend written/verbal communication.
  • Ability to exercise common sense, patience, and tact.
  • Adequate listening skills.
  • Ability to think clearly and make logical decisions in emergency situations.
  • Ability to deal with high levels of stress.
  • Ability to do extensive bending and lifting on a regular basis.
  • Ability to participate in regular physical activity.
  • Ability to work for extended periods while standing and involved in physical activity.

Please complete the following sentence, considering the above position requirements:

"I have read and understand the position requirements. I attest at this time, that...

Please note that having a health condition will not rule out employment but allow us to more adequately match you with the best suited position.

Briefly describe your condition if you are interested in PHI finding you suitable assignments:

(Required) I have read and understand the job description for Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse and agree to fulfill the positions responsibilities to meet the defined standards.