Nursing Skills Self Assessment

Please complete the below self-assessment of your current skill level for each listed skill. Select Competent Performing if you feel comfortable performing the skill independently. Select Need More Exposure/Orientation if you need further exposure. Videos are available for reference in our Training Video Library. When you have finished, click Submit to proceed to the Nursing Skills Test.

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Ambu Bag By Face Mask
Ambu Bag on a Trach Tube
Trach Care
Reinsertion of Trach Tubes
Home Suction Machine
Naso-Oral Suctioning
Trach Suctioning
Chest PT
Chest Percussor
Nebulzer Treatments
Administering Inhalers
Quad Cough
Oxygen Administration
Using a Pulse Oximeter
Assessing Breath Sounds
Operation of a Ventilator
Use of Oxygen Tanks
Use of Liquid Oxygen
Using Oxygen Concentrator

Gastrostomy Tube Skills

Gastrostomy Tube Site Care
Gastrostomy Feedings
Reinsertion of G-TUBE
Feeding Pump Operation

Collecting Specimens

Sputum for C & S
Stool Specimens
Clean Voided Urine
Venipunctures for Labs
Wound for C & S
Throat for C & S
Blood Glucose Monitoring

Bowel Care

Assessing Bowel Sounds
Removal of Impaction
Administering Enemas

Bladder Care

Urinary Catheter Insertion
Bladder Irrigations
Catheter Care
Condom Application


Admin Oral Medications
G-Tube Medications
Intramuscular Injections
Subcutaneous Injections
Heparin - Subcutaneously
Topical Medications
Ear Drops
Eye Ointment/drops
Insulin Administration
Admin Rectal Suppositories
Admin Vaginal Suppositories
IV Meds
Central Lines


Bed Bath
Bed Shampoo
Use of Hoyer Lift
Use of Built-in Lift Systems
Range of Motion Exercises

Wound Staging and Treatment