About Us

In 2006 Professional Healthcare was established to provide dependable, quality & compassionate home care to fit the individual needs of each client. Since then, we have helped many clients remain in their homes while improving their quality of life.


Professional Healthcare Inc. is a BBB Accredited Business.


Professional Healthcare Inc. cared for my husband in our home for nearly 4 years. He had ALS and was living with a tracheostomy and life-saving ventilator They provided skilled nursing care (LPN or RPN) 24/7. The nurses were personable, caring professionals who took an interest not only in my husband but in my whole family. Having skilled nurses in our home allowed me to focus on raising our kids and being a wife, while the nurses provided all personal care for my husband including trach care, personal and medical care, as well as companionship while I worked. Our nurses accompanied us on family outings, to appointments, and ran errands with my husband and the kids – they were truly a blessing to my family over the years. Having a family member on life support can be traumatic for all individuals, I’m grateful for the steady hands and professionalism each PHI team member brought to my husband, and our home.

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