Understanding Pain Management

Please review the Pain Management material below. When you have finished, click the Pain Management Test link on the right. You may print this page and keep it for reference.

Every patient has the right to be pain free.

Treat pain seriously.

Notify the agency RN for assistance with management of pain. 

Pain is expressed and perceived differently in various cultures, ages, and may be emotional.

There is a difference between physical dependence and addiction.

Pain is acute and chronic.

Pain is scaled on faces or 1-10.

Pain may be treated alternatively and/or with medications. Some methods are:

Assessment is essential in pain management. Evaluate:

It’s important to take steps to relieve pain, while finding the cause of pain.

When treating pain with PRN medications, it is important to document pain before and effectiveness after.

When you are ready, click the Pain Management Test link on the right to take the test.