Infection Control Test
This test will assess your understanding of the infection control you have just reviewed. To receive credit, please enter your name and email address below before you start. You must answer eight out of ten questions correctly in order to pass. Good luck!
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1) What is the simplest and most important practice a nurse can do to help prevent the spread of infection?

2) Infectious agents are microorganisms capable of causing illness or disease and are invisible to the naked eye?

3) Standard Precautions are used:

4) You can protect yourself from transmission of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV by:

5) The 'Chain of Infection' involves :

6) Wearing gloves is an acceptable substitute for hand washing:

7) Bacteria and viruses can be spread by way of:

8) Alcohol-based hand sanitizer SHOULD NOT be used:

9) Hand hygiene should be performed:

10) Frequent hand hygiene and being vigilant against spreading infection is only applicable in the hospital, and is not appropriate for the home care system.

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