Management of the Home Ventilator – Segment 3

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Management of Home Ventilators


  • Provide guidelines for home health nurses and other caregivers who care for ventilator dependent clients.
  • Promote safety in management of high tech care in the home setting.
  • Promote self care in the home.

Applies To

  • Registered Nurses
  • Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurses


  • Caregivers who are willing and able to help with client care needs are necessary for discharge to the home setting.
  • Individual manufacturers of home ventilator equipment have handbooks for recommendations on safe use in the home.
  • Prior to discharge the home care team including the home vendor and respiratory therapist participate in establishing the plan.
  • All family and care giving staff must be familiar with ventilator alarms and how to appropriately respond.The client/caregivers are instructed in how to use the manual resuscitation bag.
  • The client/caregivers are instructed in how to use the manual resuscitation bag.
  • A backup electrical or battery source should be available and local utility companies notified of the client home needs.


  • Ventilator and associated circuits, filters, and tubing.
  • Heated humidifier or cascade.
  • External 12 volt battery and cord.
  • Ambu bag.
  • Disinfectant (as defined in infection control guidelines and policy).
  • Air compressor and tubing for aerosol treatments (see separate procedure).
  • Tracheostomy equipment and supplies.
  • Communication aids.
  • Equipment as needed for bowel, bladder and personal care such as hospital bed, wheelchair, commode and/or bedpan.